Behavioral Assessment Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Workforce Interactive's Behavioral Assessment Multi-dimensional Analysis system ("BAMA") enables employers to view candidate and/or employee results related to their thinking values as measured by the Hartman-Kinsel Value Profile. Users can ensure the validity of the results pertaining to the individuals under consideration, and compare their profile scores with corresponding benchmark analysis spanning multiple employment dimensions.
Career Development
Workforce Interactive offers a full array of solutions for the career development of existing employees and management members. By providing our clients with unmatched accuracy regarding employee and executive value profiles, team directories and eLessons can be automatically generated so that employees can improve at an individual level, and management can communicate and motivate more effectively.
Competency Testing
Workforce Interactive has implemented a competency testing facility to compliment the Hartman-Kinsel Value Profile. The availability of targeted competency tests will enable employers to analyze another dimension of their candidates' and/or employees' fitness for the job description in question. Access to additional data points are likely to serve employers well in their pursuit of the proper matching of job requirements with candidate criteria.
Consulting and Benchmark Analysis
The objectivity and unparalleled accuracy of the Hartman-Kinsel Value Profile enables Workforce Interactive to aggregate valuable employee metrics and effectively correlate them to human value patterns in order to assist clients in sourcing recruits, candidate assessment, behavioral interviewing, career and leadership development, reorganization and downsizing, and effective communication.
Workforce Interactive offers a full educational suite of courses including certification on the Hartman-Kinsel Value Profile, behavioral interviewing and leveraging thinking values for effective personnel management. In addition, customized training materials can be designed based on employer benchmark research findings. Employers learn how to glean valuable insight about their candidates and employees, and how to derive keener information in less time during interviews or employee promotion evaluations. Managers learn to communicate at an optimal level with team members, peers, and subordinates so that meaningful, respectful relationships are established and interpersonal conflict is dramatically reduced. 
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